A reverie is a dreamy meditation, much like a day dream. When I picture a reverie, I picture something fantastic or enchanting. So I created 3 fantasy scenarios that a child might imagine during a daydream after watching films such as The Princess Bride or Lord of the Rings.

The first movement, Quest, pits the trombone against the piano as the journey begins. The soloist acts as an adventurer as the accompaniment exposes the trail. The two bob and weave around and around for most of the movement as the day turns into evening and our traveller retires to bed.

The second movement, The Love and Lore, explores the legend and romance of an old tale. This movement most clearly depicts the dreamy haze of a reverie. The middle of this movement features a melody, presented in 4 keys, each becoming more passionate as the love story unfolds. The mythos behind that love bookends the movement, ultimately ending in sorrow.

The third movement, Trip the Light Fantastic, brings the adventurer to a crowded pub where they find locals taking part in a celebration of sorts. Suddenly, after the slow, grand introduction, the band sweeps into a rollicking tune and the entire place gets up and starts line dancing. The adventurer smiles and laughs and eventually joins in as the tune comes to a raucous conclusion.

Reveries was commissioned by Dr. Louis Setzer, Lecturer of Low Brass at Northern Kentucky University.