The Earth Spins On Consortium Member



Commissioned by the A2ba Quartet, THE EARTH SPINS ON will be a short opener/closer for tuba-euphonium quartet (or tuba-euphonium ensemble) directly related to post-COVID 19 Pandemic life and how we, as a society, are forced to move forward despite setbacks and difficult times we all have faced.  Every copy of the work will feature a dedicated section in the program notes that includes updated mental health awareness resources, online platforms, and contact information to wellness professionals and guest speakers around the world for the general public and musicians of all ages.  It will be encouraged for performers and educators to include these topics and share mental health resources with audience members every time the work is performed at recitals, conferences, and when introducing this piece to their students for educational study.  The hope is that with each performance and interaction with the work at least one person in the audience will walk away with the urge of taking a step towards a healthier version of themselves and to serve as a catalyst to one’s positive mindfulness and happiness.